• Marc Sherry

Plays vs. Players

As the game of basketball continues to evolve, patterned offenses are less and less common. Technology has made scouting so much easier. Defensive players are smarter and more sophisticated. Teams relying on plays to win games will not have sustained success. Successful teams must have "players", players who can read defenses, players who can react to defensive action and players who can find the biggest advantage for their offense. The Wisconsin Badgers had a lot of success running a semi-patterned offense, the swing, in Bo Ryan's early career at Wisconsin. Toward the end his teams have used that less and less. Now his predecessor, Greg Gard, has "evolved" the swing in to a more read and react version of the swing called the flow. As the game evolves so does the need for player development and training to evolve. Players now must learn how to make decision quickly based on what they see immediately (reads), they must learn how to move without the ball, they must learn how to communicate change on the fly to their teammates and they must understand value shot selection. Coaches then need to allow players the freedom to make decisions within the principles and structure of the team. This freedom, creativity, unpredictability and reliance on working together also makes the game more fun for players! If your are new the concept I would suggest reading or listening to Chris Oliver or Rick Torbett. Sport Foundations Basketball Academy camps incorporate basketball decision training, moving without the ball, reading defensive player movement and attack-counter attack moves with its advanced fundamentals. Our next camp is the morning of New Year's Eve - see the Basketball Academy tab for camp information and registration. Happy Holidays from Coach Marc and Sport Foundations.

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