Sport Foundations Performance Programs


COVID OPERATIONS – Operations will follow Dane County Health Guidelines.  Currently this means that all players and coaches will be required to wear masks in the facility and during the participation.

 There will be sanitizer available.  Players should wait in the lobby until the previous group has exited.

Over the past 20 years, free play and active games for kids aged 5-14 has been replaced with a plethora of video games, TV and phone activity.  This age is a critical time in physical development.   A recent article in the New York Times cited Dr. Faigenbaum on the benefits of physical training for children.  “As for the ideal age to start strength training”, Dr. Faigenbaum said:  “Any age is a good age. But there does seem to be something special about the time from about age 7 to 12. The nervous system is very plastic. The kids are very eager. It seems to be an ideal time to hard-wire strength gains and movement patterns. And if you structure a program right, he added, it can be so much fun that it never occurs to the kids that they’re getting strength training at all.” Our education, experience and training allow for the most appropriate sequence of training for skill acquisition.  The program will focus on athletic movement; coordination, agility, strength, power, body control and endurance (muscular and cardiovascular). Training will include jump ropes, agility ladders, medicine balls and more.    

There are no programs currently scheduled