• Marc Sherry

Basketball Growth Mindset

As a basketball coach and skills trainer, I emphasize to players that every time they step on the court it is an opportunity to get better, but it only works if they have a "growth mindset" - the idea that everyone has the ability to change, grow and get better through openness to learning, challenges, experiences, application and reflection. I expect players to adopt a growth mindset. I expect the same from myself. As a member of the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association the annual Fall Clinic is a great opportunity to learn from some great coaches and reflect on what I do. This past weekend was another great clinic. Below are some quotes from the weekend - some that make you think, some that make you confident in what you are doing and some that make you change.

Tom Diener - 5x Wisconsin High School State Champion

"Play man to man defense - it's the right way to play the game, it teaches accountability and competitiveness"

"Compete more, preach less during practice"

Greg Gard - UW Basketball Head Coach

"Touch the post! It does 5 great things --- close shots, higher shooting percentage on 3s that are inside out, draw more fouls, the post is a great playmaking position and control the tempo"

"Don't make airborne decisions"

"The fundamentals of basketball do not change with the age of the players"

"Defenders arms are between shoulder and waist height 90% of the time. Don't make chest passes in traffic"

Mark Noll - Univ of Dubuque Women's Head Coach

"Score when you have an advantage"

"Use the tempo of your practice for conditioning"

A growth mindset won't only help you get better, it will energize you, it will give you confidence and it will keep teaching at the forefront of your coaching.

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