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COVID OPERATIONS – Operations will follow Dane County Health Guidelines.  Currently this means that all players and coaches will be required to wear masks in the facility and during the participation.   There will be sanitizer available.  Players should meet outside and will be allowed in once the previous group has exited.

Basketball Development 1 – Boys & Girls 8-10 years old (current 3rd-5th grade players)

This session is full

DATES:    Wed Sept 9th – Monday Oct 19 (6 weeks)

TIME:  615-700 on Mondays and Wednesdays


Cost:   $165      

Basketball Development 2 – Boys & Girls – 10-14 years old (Current Middle School Athletes)

DATES:    Wed Sept 9th – Monday Oct 19 (6 weeks)

TIME:  700-800 on Mondays and Wednesdays


Cost:   $225.       

Step 1: Complete the Registration Form & Waiver tab  

Step 2: Payment  (PayPal, credit card, personal check) 

             note - PayPal fees are non-refundable


By check,  mail to:

                  Sport Foundations, LLC

                  5589 Bryneland street

                  Fitchburg, WI 53711


Basketball Development and Performance 3 – Boys - 14-18 years old (Current High School and Gap Year Athletes)

This session is full

DATES:    Wed Sept 9th – Monday Oct 19 (6 weeks)

TIME:  800-930 on Mondays and Wednesdays


Cost:   $325    

The Sport Foundations Fall Basketball Development is designed to teach and develop the fundamentals of shooting, attacking the basket, finishing at the basket, ball handling, relieving pressure, passing, rebounding and defense while developing the player’s ability to read, react, anticipate and understand application in a competitive scenario.   Often times the focus of team practice is more on "game play and plays".  Developing great shooting technique is becoming a lost art.  Footwork and ball handling is underdeveloped at the High School level.  Being able to read defenders and defenses are rarely taught in a progressive format.  This camp will attack these head on.  Most skill training camps spend 95% of the time with a ball in hand, yet in a game 95% of the time a player won’t have the ball.  The camp teaches off ball movement and reads.  This camp will use recent research on focus of attention to create muscle memory responses that hold up to psychological and physical stress that occur in competition.  The performance of basketball skills are based on motor learning and skill, not just repetition.  Over the past 10 years basketball offenses have become more and more "positionless" and spread.  Most points are scored in the paint or at the three point line.  This necessitates that all players be well rounded in their skills and versatile.  Point guard skills no longer are reserved for the "one".   Players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard and Luka Doncic are top players that can lead the offense through the point or the paint.   

The curriculum will progress and advance based on the age groups and abilities or the groups, but will include the following:

  • Fundamental shooting mechanics

  • Shooting off the catch and off the dribble

  • Ball handling moves to beat your man and relieve pressure

  • Pick and Roll Skills

  • Jab Series

  • Drag Series

  • Cross-over Skills

  • Moving off the ball

  • Finishing Moves – 1 and 2 foot

  • Post Moves

  • Passing Skills

  • Basketball Decision Training

  • Defensive positioning, pressure and footwork


The high school program is 90 minutes and will include 30 min of high intensity basketball specific performance training designed to augment your normal summer lifting program by high level focus on positional strength, lateral speed and agility, change of direction, vertical jump and reaction time.  This will be a unique program that includes cutting edge neuromuscular and neurocognitive training principles.  This will be followed by 30-40 minutes of our highest level of basketball curriculum.  The final 20-30 minutes will be small sided games for high repetition application of the skills taught and drilled that day.

Small Group Program, Player Development and Training


Small group programs can be customized to the desires of the players. 

RATES:  2-5 players can be scheduled for $140 per hour.  

The "Complete Player Program" is also available.  We will help structure, schedule and teach the athlete how to gain weight, get stronger, improve their athleticism and improve their basketball skill with a personalized program.


Contact Marc directly for pricing & availability. 


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